Sindhu Bhairavi

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Sindhu Bhairavi
Uttaran Uttaran-Hindi Serial

Sindhu Bhairavi

Top Serial Sindhu Bhairavi... click on the Title to see online video and read Written updates on some of the episodes.

Sindhu Bhairavi

Uttaran-Sindhu Bhairavi-Hindi Version

Top Serial Uttaran-Hindi Serial... click on the Image to see online video and read Written updates on some of the episodes.

Uttaran-Hindi Serial
Friday, February 25, 2011

Nandish Sandhu - Acting as Veer

Tina Dutta - Acting as Sindhu

Rashmi Desai - Acting as Bhairavi.

Nandish and Rashmi

When in the above story Veer and Sindhu love each other and Bhairavi plays villian in their life and wants to take away Veer from Sindhu in real life Veer and Bhairavi get married...

Story in short:

This is a love story of Sindhu and Veer on one side and Bhairavi's wavering love on the other side.

Bhairavi tries to kill Sindhu to once for all remove her from Veer's heart. Having failed in that she is now into another plan.

She plans to marry him off to Veer's brother Vijay. Vijay does not know what is going behind him, he neither knows that Veer and Ichchha love each other nor he knows that Tapasya and his mother Gunavanthi are playing fraud on him. Veer too does not know the fraud of these two and goes to Delhi to attend a family case.

Bundela's family has talks with Jogi's family seeking Sindhu's hand for Vijay. Jogi sternly refuses the alliance but Sindhu accepts to marry Vijay on the insistance of Bhairavi's grandmother and Bhairavi's tacit play.

Veer comes back and gets to know that Bhairavi and his family have played fraud on him. But he too is unable to tell his brother Vijay that he loves Sindhu.

Subsequent acts of Vijay convinces Veer that Vijay cannot live without Sindhu. Veer feels something wrong is done both to Vijay and Sindhu but could not speak out.

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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-310 2nd September 2011